caelin cacciatore

//slash slash slash//


So, I can’t say I’ve actually seen ALL the UC gundams, but here’s some Zeta specific because I’ve been watching it.  I actually really liked Emma Sheen and Henken’s relationship! Like, out of all the canon romances being thrown about, it was really cute and really refreshing and god dammit zeta gundam. Of course, I have a hankering for some Char x anybody ever (mostly Kamille/Amuro, forgive me I’m pretty boring in that sense), but man I am having a hard time scratching that itch? Maybe I’ve lost my looking-for-gross-fanfiction edge. Runner ups are: Apolly x he was a good pilot yep, and Kai x everyones’ backhands, but I’ve drawn that for meme responses twice already I’m trying to simmer down a little on that end.