caelin cacciatore

//slash slash slash//


My favorite pairing is drawing Duo in 20 different styles in only 4 pages. Oh wait no its actually trowa and heero lololol. Also Heero x bad puns.

Of course gundam wing is what I want, but what do *you* want anon???

Let’s assume they all joined Preventers, the Preventers would do stuff about illegal goods in the colonies, and Frozen Teardrop never existed.


DUO: Heero, your stories all end the same! So what did you do this time? Break his nose? Shoot his kneecaps out? I mean seriously, isn’t that overkill? Wasn’t he just a run-of-the-mill illegal exotic bird seller? Those are pretty common in the colonies.

HEERO: I didn’t do either of those things.

TROWA: Then, what did you do, Heero?


HEERO: You could say that I…

HEERO: Rattled his cages.

DUO: That was terrible!

pg 3

DUO: That’s not even the right way to say –

DUO: R-really??

DUO: Heero - !

pg 4

DUO: Both of you are insane.