caelin cacciatore

IBM Cloud Data Services


IBM Cloud Data Services 

An initial rebrand of IBM's Cloud Data Services. I worked with others to create a new brand system including a glyph, color system, graphic elements, and style guide which were then spread across multiple mediums including: banner ads, television spots, event spaces, social media and more.

Role: Design, Art Direction, Animation, Illustration


Glyph & Graphic Elements

The glyph and graphic elements were designed to symbolize core tenants of IBM Cloud Data Services: Data Interaction, Connection and Comprehension.


Extensive Branding

For banners, social media, posters, billboards, and more.


IBM Cloud Data Services at Interconnect

IBM Cloud Data Service branding at the 2016 Interconnect conference. Featuring Crunchers, a Hungry Hippos type game, projected onto a giant dome.